Bisnis Mami Sari

Bisnis Mami Sari

Jakarta, 3 April 2011

It was started when I was feel need something to fulfill my life not only as a lady and a wife but also myself. It was a same thought when I made decision after about a year looking for suitable life insurance for myself  and found “P” is the best for my needs. It was about 10 years ago. It’s proofed.

I was following my long-lost best friend web share  as my daily routine goes by… I  as half mother &  half worker. Bless me that I got a time frame differ with other women employee. Glad that despite my full time mother can not reach but still have enough time to take care the kids and family. It was not enough though. Still …there are some moments of the kids growing up lost. Clock never goes back.

It was just happened when  one day I feel  I am ready for it. “Make that change” was one of slogan from Oriflame.  Very suit to do something different. Doing business online from home, from everywhere with dBC network. A place to make money (additional income), a place to have fun (with new friends and product knowledge), a place to look great (be a user and applied to yourselves), a place to learn (with marketing internet).

Two months passed, now I step to next stage to reach more than 3% achievement. Thanks to dBC network and thanks to Une, thanks to my family.

I love to say when TC always says “Spirit be with us”

Sari R

Bisnis Sambil Ngantor

Pensiun Tenang

 Bisnis Mami Sari



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