The Benefit as Independent Beauty Consultant (Part 2)

Further to my previous posting¬† The Benefit as Independent Beauty Consultant (Part 1), apparently I was not wrong to choose joining d’BC network group in addition to having income. I also found a big family get along to help each other here. Even though only from Internet media socialization.

Currently, I am still undergoing my profession as an employee. Why? I believe I have to prepare for extra income for later on. Something like… if I had to quit or in a period of pension, I’m still available to make money same as like monthly salary.

A year has passed. Now I have reached the level of Manager in this online and offline MLM business. It was not easy though, unless you are worked, too. Set up the necessary same as your duty as an employee, but here you’re really have to manage your own business. If not, you got nothing!

Let’s say ….. Online business is very exciting, because it can be done without interfering with my main job, it can be done anywhere, anytime. it’s up to me whenever I want. Additionally one of the benefits join and run this business,¬† I do not need a big capital/assets. I do not need keeping a stock. I do not need to bother thinking about administration. I do not have to bother with the delivery of goods. All are already provided by Oriflame and the system from d’BCN. What I have to do is build and maintain teamwork & co-worker and make good relationship with others.


Sari R

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