The benefit as Independent Beauty Consultant (Part 1)

Jakarta, July 2011

The benefit as Independent Beauty Consultant (part 1)

Further to my previous decision “Make that change with Oriflame thru d’BC Network group“, I feel its good and  important to share my achievement with others. Here they are…

When started few months ago, I received starter kit (SK) from Oriflame and read it accordingly. Wow it’s so attractive and full of anxious. Read.. and read…, study.. and study…the consultant manual book from Oriflame and the facility & system provided by d’BC Network such as welcome file, e-book, my own web, etc.  Then I began to make a list of names and introduced myself to friends and relatives and co-workers by following step by step in manual book. Wanna see how it’s look?

Starter Kit

It’s only cost Rp 39.900 plus free website from d’BC Network. Isn’t that fantastic? (nowadays Rp 49.900)

Then I made plan… try to fulfill the target and achievement that I had set up. I tried to reach and fulfill the first target ie. finishing Welcome Program 1,2,3 as well as Business Class challenges. Also started to build my own network. So much FUN, so much WORK. When accomplished, it makes me go forward with full of SPIRIT and BELIEVE. Wow… you have to feel “the feeling” that I have been thru. Wanna see one of free gift from Oriflame?

Hadiah WP1, WP2 dan WP3 .

What do I do with the profit of each selling goods? I collected and save the money… and at the end I could purchase something for the kids, one of their favorite collection toys. So happy to see their face. Full of  ThankFul. Well, that’s only one of example, though.

What else? Oh.. I get a lot of new friends who mostly has  dream to with me and who mostly wants to reach our dreams. They are working mother, fully wife house, work at home woman as well as man. A very nice surroundings. We motivate each others. How about you? Do you have a dream? Do you have a ride to reach your dream?

What else? Oh… now I can do “the make up things”. Sari? Since when? Qiqiqiqi… since met Danny, one of my colleague. He advised me and gave me very important input. He also thought me” how to become Sari” with this products. Just try to figure out  … if you are confident, you are beautiful. Feel it.

What else? You can learn and practice about internet marketing. Very important subject nowadays. Full facilities are free from d’BC Network. You also can learn from your leaders, you also can share your acknowledge to downliners. We work together.


Sometimes, there is a moment that you think –  have to “wait” but you have no guts to move on. just wait. It could be awhile and a day, a week, a month, a year or more. Please don’t take it too long. Don’t let yourselves in a between. Time’s running. Hurry up – take Action!

Dare yourselves to do the changes!

Sari R, moving forward for make that change.

(a mother, a wife, a working mother, a mother working at home)

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Kantor Kedua-ku



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